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Internet Kiosk at the Museum


A Reception desk staffed by volunteers to answer queries about the Island and its history, and to purchase items from the shop.

Display galleries - There are two galleries – the James Dorman Historical Gallery featuring the Island’s cultural history; and the Ian Kiernan Environmental Gallery featuring the Island’s natural history.

A café open daily to provide coffee, drinks, cakes and lunches. It is also open on Sunday and Thursday evenings for dinner.

A Visitor Information Centre to provide information and bookings for tours, restaurants and activities.

A retail shop that sells a range of quality books and maps about Lord Howe Island’s history, flora and fauna. Postcards, photographs, local crafts and clothing are also sold at the shop.

Internet access - the Museum provides the only public internet access on the Island. Two computers are set up connected to broadband internet.

Toilets - The Museum has toilet facilities, including disabled.

Museum reception

Enjoying a refreshment in the Coral Cafe

The museum shop

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