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History of the museum
The RSL Hall was opened in 1951. It was converted to a museum in 1978 to house artifacts collected by the first curator, Jim Dorman. Over many years Jim had collected valuable artifacts and photographs from the Island community. By the mid 1980s it was realized a new building was required to house the collection, and improve displays to a higher standard befitting the Island’s status as a World Heritage Site (1982).

In 1988 Ian Kiernan AO teamed up with Jim Dorman to campaign for a new building. A Museum Building Trust was set up and after a number of years sufficient funding was sourced to commence construction. This funding came from generous support from State and Federal governments, plus corporate and private sponsorship of funds and materials. The new museum building, designed by Sydney architect Michael Thomaszewski, was completed in 2001.

In 2008 the annex extension was completed with funding from Arts NSW, the LHI Board and community donations.

Museum administration
The Museum currently operates with a voluntary committee of seven, under a constitution model from the Department of Fair Trading. A part time Curator carries out activities and oversees projects nominated by the committee. A pool of volunteers operates the reception desk.

Opening hours
From September to May the Museum is open to the public seven days a week 9 am to 3 pm. From June to August hours are reduced. From September to May audiovisual lectures are held 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Special openings and Curator’s tour can be arranged for visiting groups.

Disability access
The museum has a wheelchair access at the rear entrance. Inside the building is all at one level, with access to all museum operations, including disabled facilities.

Location of the museum
The Museum is located at the corner of Lagoon Road and Middle Beach Road; the entrance faces Middle Beach Road.

The aim of the Lord Howe Island Historical Society is to develop the LHI Museum as a community centre for promoting Lord Howe Islandís World Heritage values; and to record, conserve and present the unique local cultural values of the community.

The new Museum (2001)

Location of the Museum on Lord Howe Island

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